Monday, November 25, 2013

This Hotel Has Great Service.

I wish I was blogging about our weekend. I'd love to fantasize about turning this into a trip advisor post. Or a story about helping your high schooler choose the right college. Or maybe talk about why the Oregon Ducks got obliterated by the Wildcats? Instead I'll give you an update on my Mom.

She went in for surgery late Friday night. The doctors all agreed that the only thing that could save her life was to try and unblock the bowel (so she could eat again). And they all agreed she was getting weaker, so they needed to strike while the iron was hot. I had mixed emotions because my Brother and Mom had said to continue on with our plans and visit UofA.

I stopped by the hospital on my way to the airport to say one last "goodbye". Mom was being evaluated by her kidney doctor. I came in as she was saying "This hotel has great service". He gave me quite the smile! She was more confused then ever. On one hand she would say to me "I have more living to do". Then she would say "I can't take any more of this Betsy. I just want to go home". I was a mess. I even had the doctor in tears when he left the room.

We convinced her that it would be best to take off her rings during surgery. She asked that I wear them around my neck close to my heart but she was apprehensive to take them off since one is her original diamond from her wedding ring and the other is a vintage ring her Grandma and Mom handed down. Shawn bought me a beautiful a cross last year when this journey began — so it was fitting to add the rings to that necklace for my weekend away. It was a way to keep her close to me.

Chase and I were on pins and needles. He loves to root for the under dog. He thinks Grandma is invincible. I received a call at 11:30pm between our flight from Los Angeles to Tucson. Mom was finally going in to surgery. The whole flight to Tucson Chase and I stared out the window. I was looking for a sign.

2:10am we got the call. She was awake and they had unblocked her bowel! Miracle #7 in the works. The boys and I were jumping and high-fiving in the airport while Shawn was getting the rent a car. It was bittersweet.

Saturday we called her. She was tired but pretty chipper. She talked to Blake forever. Then about 5pm we got a call from the nurse asking if Mom could talk to Blake again. She said Mom thought Blake was lost. When I got on to say hi she said "I hope you know where Blake is? I can't find him so I have 2 barber shops out looking for him". "Uh, ok Mom, I'll keep him close by"...

Next steps. We meet with the Palliative Care physician today to see when Mom can come home. They also think they have found a cyst on her ovary that might be cancerous. Honestly that news is awful, but at this point, as long as it is not going to interfere with her having a little bit more time with us, we can handle it. And so we prepare for a very different but very thankful Holiday this week.

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