Monday, November 18, 2013

Is Blake Driving Yet?

It is amazing to think that last December Mom was walking up and down our monumental outdoor stairs without a railing or help. She was taking Blake and and his best friend Oliver to McDonald's every Wednesday after school. She even had memorized their orders. She was working at the Church office doing shorthand every Friday. But now she asks the same questions over and over like a bicycle spoke turning around and around. She was told she could not drive when she came back from the first hospital stay. That was a hard blow to her. She equated this with loosing her freedom, her independence. She asked me if Blake was driving yet? "Um, no, Blake is 11, but Chase is driving"...."Is Ty driving?" "Yes, Ty is away at College and she drives"...."Oh that's wonderful. Is Blake driving?"

It is amazing how the brain works. Luckily the kids love her unconditionally and think that her mind is as healthy as it always was. Every time we visit they will each say, "Mom, she only asked me what school I went to six times today — she is fine!" My kids obviously put on the rose colored glasses before me.

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