Monday, November 18, 2013

I'll Have a Taco Supreme

It's the simple things in life these days I am learning to appreciate. Some days I wish I had time to take Mom to places she once loved to go like Maui for some cool air, Tahoe for sites and a casino or two or Half Moon Bay for lunch at the Miramar Beach Restaurant. Today all I had time for was Taco Bell. 

Taking her for a drive down El Camino and eating at a place like Taco Bell is like me going to Santa Barbara and eating at my favorite sushi place. I can't help but embrace the simplicity of it all. Mom ordered a Taco Supreme. I noticed for the first time how shaky her hand was holding the taco. I never say anything about it because I do not want her to focus on it or feel embarrassed by it — after all she has a ton of pride. She said "gosh, I can hardly hold my taco today". I just said "who cares, as long as it doesn't hurt, it does not matter". She changed the topic and responded "Gosh, this is the best, best,  taco I have ever had". Perspective my friends.

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