Monday, November 18, 2013

It's a Little D-U-L-L

Mom graduated from hospice. She is like a cat with nine lives. She is now in a program called "Aims". It allows a nurse to come every week to check on her at home and allows us to start talking with all her subcontractors again. I am not sure how I feel about this. It is bittersweet that she has overcome the awful timeline we were given, but the thought of having to take her back and forth to all the appointments again is mentally exhausting.

Mom calls any day that she does not get outside. In fact even when she does get outside, she still calls and says that she has not been out for days. On top of that, she has probably had about 25 different care givers since Jane left. Jane's husband got a job a few hours away, so we lost her. Mom loved her. But on the bright side, if there is a bright side, Mom never remembers any of the care givers names or faces anyways so I think she thinks Jane is still around. Well, except for the day I called to check in with her and I said, "Hey Mom. How are you today?" and her reply as cheery as she could be was "A little D-U-L-L"...It took me by surprise, I had to process it and say it over in my head before I got it. It made me chuckle. As if the care taker couldn't spell. Even in her state of mind, she is sharp as a tack.

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