Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Fear the Beard

Mom is stable. Obviously she is the "fifty percent more" that the Doctor described 3 weeks ago when she said "some can live less than two weeks and some can live more than two weeks". We continue to visit her multiple times a day and let her just talk. The conversations go from present to past to lala land. Visits can be quite entertaining.

Over the weekend she wanted to make sure she was dressed. She told us she had been talking with Fonnie and looking at photos. She said she wanted to wear white. We are told she is still in the active dying process, but is "stable" for now. So we take that to mean, this could go on for some time or the tsunami could hit at any second. Maybe it's time to hire the Long Island Medium?

The boys came by and Mom wanted to make sure she was near a window. She told them to not leave any lights on, turn down the heat and not let anyone else in. She wanted to make sure they stayed by her porch. The boys thought it was her way of making sure her house was secure in her journey.

Today the visit with Ty and I was all about caps and beards. Ty had a cute stocking cap on. Mom was quite intrigued with it. She told us she thought Ty should have one in every color. She also told Ty she should travel and have fun. Ty of course told me that meant she should study abroad and perhaps continue to just live care-free....uh huh Ty, let's not get too carried away....

Mom asked us "To look out for her Mom who was going to drive by any second". She also told us to watch out for all the animals that were running around. "You mean the squirrels on your lawn?" "No, I mean the ones with tails in the room". "Are they mice?" "Well yes, and mice don't bother me, but if you see a cat or a dog, let me know". Uh ok, I will...

Her caretaker was wearing a "fear the beard" Giants shirt so Mom wanted to get a photo with her. By the end of the visit Mom said she was hungry and wanted to have a "beard" for lunch. I told her I needed to go back to work so she ended my stay with some great advice "If you get fired, tell them it's because someone is in the ground". Good to know. I am my own boss, so I certainly will pass along that information. Today we left laughing ear to ear. The story continues.

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  1. After all these years I still love her. She is one of a kind. Not many like her. She definitely broke that mold. You and your family are amazing. Always in my prayers and on my mind. Christine & Jesse